Gerede meets the beech needs of most of the country

Kenan Akyüz, Head of the Operation and Marketing Department of the General Directorate of Forestry, Yusuf Şahin, Bolu Forest Regional Manager, Ahmet Sırrı Beşel, Zonguldak Forestry Regional Manager and related branch managers, and the annual raw material processing capacity of 61,500 cubic meters of forest goods, which has just started operating in the Gerede Organized Industrial Zone. He made investigations at the modern Ankersan Forest Products industrial establishment.

The company mainly processes beech assets and when the newly established Ankersan company starts operating at full capacity, it needs 5,000 to 6,000 cubic meters of beech logs per month, and this demand is met by planted sales from Ankara, Bolu, Zonguldak and Kastamonu, Adapazarı Forestry Regional Directorates.

Officials of both companies demanded that they invest heavily in their factories, create new employment, but to be assisted in the supply of beech logs for the continuity and regular operation of their factories.

Kenan Akyüz, Head of Business and Marketing Department; He stated to the company officials that they can supply beech logs from warehouses with open tenders or by selling sewn from the relevant Regional Directorates' beech partitions, which are available for transportation and ready for upright sale.

Those who started working as a result of the employment created by the opening of a new factory that processes forest property within the responsibility area of ​​the Gerede Forestry Operations Directorate affiliated to the Bolu Regional Directorate of Forestry, where forests are densely located, and the capacity increase by establishing an additional facility in the existing factory within the responsibility area of ​​the Düzce Forestry Operations Directorate. happiness was evident on their faces.

Expressing that they were extremely satisfied with the visit and the meeting, the company officials asked for such visits to be made by the forest administration and to be informed.