Ankersan Makes Kiln-Dried Beech Wood Manufacture And Sales.

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It Is A Kind Of Wood Which Can Be Used In All Areas Where Wood Materials Are Used, Especially In Doors And Windows.

The area of use is very wide. It can be well-glued. It gives color. It can be screwed well due to its softness. It is classified into two categories: Class 1 and 2 class. The Siberian region is made of yellow pine logs and native yellow pine logs.



It Is An Easy-To-Process Material. It Is Suitable For Tumbled Type Furniture Because Of Its Fiber Texture.

Fir is easy to handle, light, soft, good for nailing and screwing, easy to cut, can give color. It is used in buildings, interior parts, carpentry and joinery, box and crate construction, intermediate layers. 


It Is Suitable For Both Durable And Affordable Solution In Your Decorative Wood Applications.

As it is water resistant, it is a material which is the subject of preference in all kinds of decoration works due to its natural and sound structure. It is used a lot especially in wooden house construction, window joinery, exterior cladding, parquet, deck, pergola and arbor applications, garden tables, chairs and playgrounds construction and in furniture production because of its decorativeness and similarity to the oak tree.



It Is Mainly Used In Furniture And Interior Architecture

Thick and sparse ring hard oak lumber is used in the exterior and interior of buildings, doors, windows, stairs, flooring, parquet construction. The hardwood lumber in the handles, barrels, wagons, cars, ships, boats, bridges and pier feet gives positive results. The massive type of soft oak is a sought-after equipment in furniture manufacturing, interior of buildings and decoration applications.