The company processes the raw logs it has taken into the production process (if necessary, by sending down from the forest with its own means, according to the agreement) cutting (yield), class separation, classification, labeling, drying and baking processes are subjected.
In the production of timber, the trees are cut with large hydraulic shears, after the tree is cut and topped with chainsaws, the logs are prepared in suitable dimensions for transportation. If the place where the trees are cut off are suitable for the movement of tractors and trucks, the logs are transported by these vehicles.

Thanks to the high technological infrastructure in the organization, the laser is divided into 2 or more pieces in the sawmills (a system that determines its own scales), depending on the length of the log. The divided parts are rolled onto the wheeled carriers that move on the rails. On the carriage, with the log on one end of the rail, the masonry cuts the slice apart by cutting another slice. The position of the rotating saw made of flexible steel is adjusted according to the timber feature to ensure that the slices are of the desired thickness. Briefly, the timber cutting -> head and side cutting, edge trimming -> passes through slicing stages with multiple slits, prisms and other band saws.

The resulting timber is then dried. (If it is not dried, it gradually dries and deforms). Drying process temperature, humidity rate is controlled in the kilns. In drying kilns, the process is completed within a period of two weeks.

The company procures raw logs from the Forest Management Directorate of the Regional Directorates of Ankara, Bolu, Zonguldak and Adapazarı. 
Our company continues to work with full production capacity. It markets its products to Domestic and Abroad.
In the future, our company wants to include paneling, solid parquet, decking, solid panel, strip and pallet production in its production portfolio.