About Us

During the same period, the company has started construction on an area of 40.000 square meters in the Organized Industrial Zone of Gerede district and started production activities in its current operation with 5,800 square meters closed area as of January 2015.

At the beginning of its activities, the company aimed to produce 61,500 cubic meters of forestry raw material processing capacity per year. The core activities of the institution are for the processing of integrated forest products. In the closed area of the company, there are 4-cart trolley with compact remote control, hydraulic system Tandem horizontal trunk log saw, vertical trunk log saw, 80 lane strip machine, resawing machine, double slider multi slitting machine, cover and wood splitting machine, header machines, band saw sharpening machine, side equalization, gas welding machine, drying, steam furnace and steam boiler, sawdust suction, collecting silo and fork lift and laddle equipment for use in conveying.

Company is engaged in processing

BREECH (manufacture of kiln-dried beech lumber, interior decoration, furniture, kitchen, stair and parquet production),

PINE (a type of wood required in all areas where wood materials are used, especially in doors and windows),

FIR (Easy to be processed and a suitable material for the tumbled style furniture due to its fiber texture),

CHESTNUT (a type of wood for use in water-resistant marine vehicles in decorative wood applications) and

OAK (a type of wood used for the production of parquet, doors, windows, staircases, pavement, parquet in the interior and exterior of oak lumber structures, mainly in furniture and interior architecture).

ASH TREE (Particularly preferred is a light-colored hard wood because it is veined. Guitars made of ash wood are therefore not dyed with matte paint and are most often colored with transparent paint. All the natural guitars except the fender company's legendary rosewood telecaster are made of this tree. Because ash is more expensive than normally used poplar, alder, 2 tone sunburst models are sold at a higher price than 3 tone sunbursts.)